Sarah Gibson

Sarah Gibson

Founder of Dive Into Philippines

Expertise Philippines Travel, Travel Planning, Travel Booking

Education Bachelor of Arts in Asian Studies from Griffith University, Certificate III in International Travel Sales


  • Featured in many publications including USA Today, Qantas, Families Magazine Australia, Daily Mail and more
  • Holds a BA in Asian studies and travel agent qualifications


Sarah first fell in love with the Philippines in 2013 when she traveled around the country with her young kids celebrating her daughter’s first birthday on the gorgeous beaches of Boracay. This was further affirmed in 2015 when Sarah was able to spend a longer period island hopping through the country.

Sarah has traveled to 98 countries and spent many years of her life exploring the globe. This has lead to many skills from quickly working out the best way to travel from A to B to finding the best hotel. These days she primarily travels with her 3 children currently aged from 5-12 years old so she also has many family travel kid wrangling skills!

Sarah completed an arts degree majoring in Asian Studies at Griffith University. She loves learning more about the history and culture in this part of the world.

Her favourite part of the Philippines is Bohol as she loves all the variety on this beautiful island.

When not writing for this site, Sarah is out exploring the world and everything Philippines.


Sarah’s educational background enables her to share and teach you how to plan your own trip to the Philippines as easily as possible. Her travel qualification enables her to work as a qualified travel agent and has meant she has learned many tips and tricks for booking travel.

Her humanities degree has helped her love of everything history, language and culture and grown her appreciation for this part of the world.

You can read more about Sarah and her family here.

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