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Heading to Boracay? Looking for exactly how to go to Boracay from Batangas port? You are in the right place!

Boracay is gorgeous. It’s that dream tropical paradise you have probably pictured in your head before coming to the Philippines. There’s the perfect white sand, aqua water, tropical beaches waiting for you as well as great food, water sports and so much fun to be had.

But, of course, before you get to enjoy Boracay, you need to get there!


If you want to go Boracay from Batangas, you are in luck. This journey is quite straightforward with a handy ferry from Batangas to Boracay every evening.

To make this even easier, below I describe exactly how to get to Boracay from Batangas port by boat, where you arrive in Boracay (hint: you need to take another boat), the Batangas to Boracay schedule, the Batangas to Boracay ferry fare and everything else you need to get there safely and easily.

I also describe the return journey on the 2GO Boracay to Batangas ferry.

Let’s start!

Map: Batangas To Boracay Ferry

Batangas To Boracay Ferry map
Click the map above to open it in Google Maps.

It’s only 219 kilometers between Boracay and Batangas. However, since there is no way to travel this by land, the journey does take a little longer than you might expect.

The answer to Batangas port to Boracay how many hours is 10-11 hours for the ferry ride itself. However, this actually arrives in Caticlan. From here, you’ll need to take another short boat ride across to Caticlan.

From your ferry departure in Batangas to arriving at your accommodation in Boracay is likely to take about 11-12 hours.

Ferry From Batangas To Boracay Information

There are two options for ferry lines on this route. There is the Batangas to Boracay 2GO ferry and the Starlite Ferry.

The 2GO ferry Batangas to Boracay departs daily from the Batangas Terminal in Batangas as does the Starlite Ferry.

They both travel to Caticlan from where you can take an easy boat to Boracay. Note that no ferries travel to Boracay island itself and no matter which Batangas Boracay ferry you take, you’ll still need to take that extra boat trip from Caticlan. There is more information about this step below.

The 2GO Batangas to Boracay price is lower than the Starlite ferry. However, the disadvantage of traveling Batangas to Boracay via 2GO is that the ferry takes an hour longer.

If you want to travel from Batangas to Boracay via RoRo ferry (ie you have a car) then Starlite Ferries is your only option.

Click here to buy tickets now.

Both ferries offer various classes so you can save money on your Batangas pier to Boracay fare by only selecting a bunk bed in an open space or enjoy more comfort in your own cabin. There are also many classes in between.

If you click here, you can see the classes on offer and prices on the Batangas port to Boracay 2GO ferry fare for your dates as well as Starlite Ferries.

Make sure you select to see all ferry options as, by default, the booking site usually just highlights one. Exactly what is available varies depending on availability.

Boracay boat

Batangas-Boracay Ferry Schedule

Starlite Ferries has a Batangas pier to Boracay schedule of ferries departing at 7:30am and 7:30pm daily. The only exception to this is that on Mondays, there is no morning ferry. It arrives in Caticlan 10 hours later (so 5:30pm or 5:30am).

The 2GO Batangas pier to Boracay schedule is every evening at 9pm arriving at Caticlan at 8am.

Click here to see the latest schedules.

Batangas Port To Boracay Ferry Fare

The exact ticket price for the ferry to Boracay from Batangas depends on which ferry line you pick and your class of travel. If you want to take a car, this will also add more to the price.

The Starlite Ferry RoRo fare Batangas to Boracay starts at ₱1,700 for a reclining seat or ₱1,800 for a bunk.

The 2GO Batangas to Boracay fare starts at ₱1,346 for a bunk bed in super value class.

Click here to see the latest fares and to book your tickets.

Boracay To Batangas Ferry

The return Boracay Batangas journey is much the same.

Ferries depart from Caticlan on both Starlite Ferries and 2GO and will take you back to Batangas Ferry Terminal.

2GO ferries run daily at 11:30pm arriving in Batangas at 11:30am. It takes twelve hours and prices start at ₱1,346.

Starlite Ferries runs daily at 7:30am and 7:30pm except on Monday mornings. It takes ten hours and prices start at ₱1,700 for a reclining seat or ₱1,800 for a bunk.

Click here to see the latest prices and schedules.

Batangas Port Ferry Terminal 

To travel from Batangas to Boracay by boat, first go to the Batangas Ferry Terminal.

Most buses from Manila will take you here, but if you arrive elsewhere in the city, you can take a taxi. It’s best to get a bus in the first place that will take you here though.

I recommend you arrive here an hour before your ferry as it’s a busy port.

Caticlan to Boracay boat

Caticlan Ferry Terminal (And Traveling On To Boracay)

Your boat from Batangas to Boracay will take you to Caticlan. This is the case no matter which ferry line you choose.

From here, you need to take a bangka (boat) across to Boracay.

This is very straightforward to do with bangkas departing regularly from 5am to 7pm with some departures until 10pm.

You can buy your boat ticket to Boracay here or on arrival.

This boat ride is quick and you’ll soon be at Cagban Pier on Boracay. From here, there are plenty of tricycles to take you onwards to your Boracay accommodation.

Click here for our full guide to traveling from Caticlan to Boracay.

Final Words

Boracay boat

I hope you found this guide on taking a ferry from Batangas to Boracay useful.

It’s a straightforward journey with your only choice being which ferry line to take and which class.

Click here to buy your tickets now.

You’ll soon be in Boracay enjoying the best that the Philippines has to offer.

You can find our full guide to traveling to Boracay here or our complete travel guide to Boracay here.

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