15 Best Things To Do In Boracay With Kids [2024]

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Going on a Boracay trip and want to know all the best things to do in Boracay with kids? We have you covered! Below you will find our guide to all the best things to do at Boracay Island to plan your ultimate trip.

Once a full-on party island, Boracay has changed in recent years.  Thanks to a six months shutdown in 2018-19 – when the island underwent a cleanup and rehabilitation – the famous white powdery shores are pristine again.  Construction on the beach has been removed, beachside hawkers regulated, leaving a much tamer and family-friendly atmosphere.

So, of all the 7,600+ islands of the Philippines, why is Boracay so special?  I had the same questions and delayed visiting with my family for a long time, assuming it was probably spoiled by commercialism.  But eventually we all succumb to the charm of Boracay!

Family in Boracah Beach

For sure, the almost 4-kilometres (yes, 4!) of White Beach is awesome, but we’ve seen long empty stretches of beach around Palawan and Coron.  Yet there’s something truly stunning in the way the treeline is close to the shore at Boracay, how the palm trees seem to reach out towards the setting sun.

Ah, the sunsets.  Heavily praised in magazines, they are simply astounding.  Fiery red skies reflect across the ocean as local Paraw (boats) silently sail off into the horizon.  Exotically beautiful.

Is Boracay indicative of the rest of the Philippines?  In so many ways it’s not.  And yet, is it worth visiting? Yes!

Not least for the gentle sloping shore that’s ideal for water activities in Boracay and a joy for anyone not overly confident at swimming in the sea, for the best mix of restaurants you’ll find on any “desert island”, great hotels, swimming pools and – a must do in Boracay – thrilling island hopping adventures.

And most importantly, did our kids – both 12 years old – enjoy themselves?  Oh yes… because there are many fun things to do in Boracay Island, Philippines and things to do in Boracay with family!

Whether you’re wondering what to do in Boracay in 3 days, the top 10 things to do in Boracay in 2024 or which are the most beautiful places in Boracay, we’ve got you covered!

15 Best Things To Do In Boracay With Kids

Below, you will find our Boracay things to do 2024 travel blog with everything you need to know about the fun activities in Boracay, Philippines, top attractions in Boracay as well as the best places to visit in Boracay, Philippines for your ultimate family holiday!! There is also a handy map so you will know exactly what to do in Boracay Philippines.

Top 15 Best Things To Do In Boracay With Kids [2024]

Here are the top things to do in Boracay, Philippines. Read through and select the ones that fit your interests and timeframe.

Go Island Hopping

What’s your favourite way to travel on the sea?  Pumpboat, paraw, speedboat, catamaran… with your family or in a large group… anything is possible in Boracay.  Island Hopping is one of the most popular things to do, Boracay Philippines and, however long you stay, it is a must do in Boracay!

Island Hopping in Boracay

And there are many must-see spots around Boracay and the nearby islands…

  • Crocodile Island – an uninhabited island, 15 minutes from White Beach and perhaps the best place in Boracay for snorkelling
  • Puka Beach or Balinghai Beach – serene beaches for sunbathing and beach fun, with Puka Beach in our opinion one of the most beautiful places in Boracay
  • Crystal Cove Island – a small private beach with two caves, trekking, kayaking and more fab snorkelling
  • Magic Island – famed for its epic cliff diving (one of the most iconic Boracay-Island things to do), with 5 platforms up to 10 metres above the Visayan Sea
  • Panay – the main island in the region, with cliff diving and sea kayaking (one of the top water sports activities in Boracay)
  • Carabao Island – a quiet gem of an island and one of the most off-route Boracay tourist attractions

Spend a half or full day touring around Boracay and to neighbouring islands. Relax on white sand beaches, at hidden-away coves, or explore little islands with your guide. Experience some of the top snorkelling spots in the Philippines where you’ll see colourful corals and unusual marine life such as moray eels and reef fish.

Most trips come with a lunch – bbq seafood and buffet-style. And remember to negotiate (barter!) with your boatman, ensuring you visit all the places you want to see, that snorkelling equipment and lunch is included, and if there are any extras, as some islands/beaches have an entrance fee.

We spent a day on a catamaran cruising to Carabao Island – one of the quieter places to go in Boracay – with lush green hills and a long sandy coastline, dotted with small villages.  A far cry from buzzy Boracay, and a nice change for a day.

However you decide to travel, ensure to take along your sunglasses, sun hat, sunscreen and a change of clothes.  …and a camera to record what is sure to be one of your highlight days and top of your list of family activities to do in Boracay!

Click here to book your island hopping adventure now.

Stroll Along White Beach

White Beach, Boracay Philippines travel route 3 weeks
White Beach, Boracay

The famous 4-kilometres of coast that is White Beach is postcard-perfect.  With powdery white sand, turquoise blue water, shielded by towering palm trees, it’s fair to say that a “beach” is the main tourist attraction in Boracay!

Regularly voted one of the Best Beaches in Asia, White Beach is so lengthy it’s been split into “stations” so visitors can more easily locate accommodation or restaurants.

The main attraction is, without doubt, the pure soft sand and the epic beauty of the beach itself.  Add in the gentle calmness of the water – that seems to have no current and such a slow tidal movement that there is no cause to worry for younger bathers – and it’s just perfect. It’s also ideal for the myriad of water activities Boracay offers.

The best times to take a walk are early morning when you’re most likely to find it quieter, or with the masses at dusk when it feels as though everyone is at the shoreline.  Creating a great atmosphere as the sun drops over the horizon, the paraw sail boats depart for evening cruises and locals and tourists play sports, such as volleyball or soccer.  The beach, especially at this time of day, emits a friendly vibe that leaves a lasting impression.

Station 1, where the beach is slightly wider, is usually the most popular for Boracay beach activities.  The sand is reportedly the finest here too, with most of the luxury resorts at this end of White Beach making it generally a quieter area.  You’ll also spot Willy’s Rock – one of the most famous things to see in Boracay.

Boracay Resort

Boracay Station 2 activities are numerous with this being the centre of the beach where the water is still very shallow and the busiest area.  Here you’ll find mid-range resorts, the majority of restaurants – mainly around D’Mall – and a mixed assortment of tourist and local shops, atm’s, etc.

The path here can get particularly busy in the evening as a lot of people visit the restaurants and bars, with Boracay night activities kicking off around 9pm.  You’re never left wondering what to do in Station 2, Boracay, as there’s always something happening!

Boracay Station 3 activities are notably more peaceful.  You’ll find backpacker-style accommodation (suitable if you’re planning a Boracay budget itinerary) and a couple of AirBnB rentals at this end of the beach.  The shore drops off steeper into the water here and is therefore not quite so safe for young children.

However, there are lots of green vegetation which provides more shade and gives a quieter feel compared to other stretches of the shoreline.  But, this being Boracay, a few bars and clubs are scattered around here too!

Though split into Stations, there’s no proof of this as you stroll the sandy beachside White Beach Path walkway.   And you can easily waste away a half day meandering between the stations – where motorised vehicles are prohibited – stopping for souvenir purchases, hair-braiding, henna tattoos, ice-creams and more!

Immersing your family in the chilled and funky vibe of White Beach is a quintessential part of your visit to the island, an absolute “Boracay must-do” and one of the best Boracay fun activities!  Forget your walking shoes, grab flip-flops or – better still – go bare-foot, discovering  glorious White Beach!

Address:Balabag, Malay, Aklan

See The Amazing Sunsets Of Boracay

Sunset on Boracay island.

Time your walk well along White Beach and you’ll end the afternoon at a beachside cafe or bar at Station 2.  Settle down on the decking with colourful cocktails and refreshing milkshakes for the kids, and get ready for the show!

And quite the show it is, as dusk brings on the most insanely beautiful sunsets, time and time again.  Orange, reds, purples, pinks… The entire horizon appears on fire.  You’ve seen beautiful sunsets before, but truly Boracay’s sky leaves you speechless as it reflects out across the Visayan Sea.

Almost everyone comes to the beach to watch, strolling the shoreline, playing frisbees, or sitting in groups with cameras held aloft waiting to capture the technicolour horizon. Photographing the sunset views from Boracay is usually high on all top 10 things to do in Boracay, Philippines, listings.

A quiet descends across the beach as colours fill the sky, with day turning slowly into night.

There are, of course, alternative Boracay places to visit to capture the famed views, and if you’re staying for a few nights try to visit Manoc-Manoc (chicken) Beach. At the southernmost point of Boracay this is perhaps the best place for watching the sunset and it’s a simple stroll from White Beach.

Check Out Bulabog Beach

Bulabog Beach Boracay Island

If you’re looking for beach activities in Boracay you have 17 beaches to discover, definitely enough to keep you busy for a few days!  And one that stood out to us is Bulabog Beach.

Nicknamed the “Adventure Sports Capital of Boracay”, Bulabog Beach is home to one of the most famous watersports centres across Asia, and thus when the wind blows, the bay is filled with those who love to kitesurf and windsurf!

When we went in October the wind was blowing well and we enjoyed watching the surfers pull off some impressive tricks!  There’s also a cool vibe cropping up, with some reggae bars along the shoreline, but mostly the area seems still under development.

The beach itself arches around the long bay, and is, again, soft white sand.  Swimming is possible but not as safe or as fun as at White Beach for families, and this side of the island is more prone to large quantities of seaweed.  However, if you’re looking for cheap things to do in Boracay, you can easily spend a half day watching the surfers jump their waves!

November to April is the prime surfing time, due to the Amihan seasonal winds bringing northeasterlies.  So if you or your kids fancy giving it a try, aim for these months.  You’ll find many watersports centres along the shoreline offering equipment rentals and lessons for absolute beginners, or even lessons for proficient surfers looking to improve their skills.

Our kids had a go and rated this as one of the best Boracay activities for kids, and it was surprisingly one of the more affordable activities in Boracay!

Other watersports on offer here include jet-ski, parasailing and water-sled rides. There are many terrific Boracay water sports activities.

Click here for more details on parasailing on Boracay.

Address: Opposite of White Beach at the east coast, Malay, Aklan

Relax At Diniwid Beach

Luxury Villa in Boracay

If you’re looking for some peace and quiet we recommend escaping from Boracay Station 1 activities and walk just 10 minutes over to Diniwid Beach.

A small strip of white sand, surrounded by a handful of hotels and lush green hills spotted with a few villas, Diniwid is one of the lesser known places to see in Boracay.

This is a paradise spot if you’re looking to escape with the children for a quieter beach play.  Or perhaps, for those with older children, you can grab a few child-free hours at this serene beach.  We took along a picnic and found it one of the more romantic things to do in Boracay, as they’re aren’t too many things to do in Boracay for couples looking for some alone time on this fun island!

Address:North of White Beach Balabag, Malay, Aklan

Shop Your Heart Out At D’Mall

Boracay’s open-air shopping mall, close to Station 2 in the middle of White Beach, is a rather fabled part of the island.  This main hub of White Beach is home to the majority of restaurants and bars along the famed party-strip. Many a story has started or ended at D’Mall!

These days, again thanks to the island’s new attitude – aiming to be pristine clean both at the beach and on the island – the paths of D’Mall are much improved, with better drainage and wider walkways.  Stroll the lanes listening to reggae wafting on the breeze and relax in the mellow island vibe.

Dmall open air mall Boracay

Trendy surfer/beachwear shops stand next to general stores (7-Eleven, BudgetMart, etc), unique stores promote wedding and party trinkets, others offer styling services if you’re off to a club, and souvenir shops seem to be at every corner!

Tattoo parlours open late into the night, along with massage shops promoting relaxing foot treatments.  And various travel & tour companies tempt you with day tours or holiday extensions to other parts of the Philippines.

If you’re wondering what to do in Boracay with kids at night, just head here!  D’Mall is a maze of small colourful and noisy lanes, car free and safe for kids to run around.  They’ll be begging for henna tattoos, to have their hair braided or to have their caricature drawn.  And once in the middle of the lanes you’ll find a small ride – a ferris wheel with carriages – that takes kids up to the top of the palm trees!

Amongst the shops are the mouth-watering restaurants – Spanish, Korean, Japanese, Mexican, Italian, Thai and Vienamese cuisines tempt you, along with many locally-themed eateries.  (Plus – whether a positive or not – there’s a couple of McDonalds and Jollibee on the island too.)

We stayed for six nights and ate a different cuisine every night at D’Mall.  And the food is good – tasty and large amounts of it.  With some magnificent ice-creams sold along the lanes to really finish the night off with a treat. We were never stuck wondering what to do in Boracay at night… just head to D’Mall!

Address: D’Mall de Boracay, Station 2, Malay Aklan

Witness A Fiery Performance Of Fire Dancers At Night

Fire Dancers Boracay Island

If you’re looking for cheap activities in Boracay and things to do in Boracay at night to keep the kids amused, it doesn’t come much cheaper than this!  Jokingly labeled as the “Fire Dance Capital of the Philippines”, Boracay offers free evening entertainment that is sure to delight children of all ages.

Fire dancing, which entails swinging a tethered pair of poi balls set alight, is the most popular of night activities in Boracay.  Best viewed from a distance, you can usually catch an impromptu display from the balcony of a White Beach restaurant whilst you enjoy dinner.

Around 65 fire dancers put on displays at beaches across the island, wearing colourful costumes that twirl as they dance, and spin flaming objects to funky tunes.  Great fun!

Take Pictures At Willy’s Rock

Willy's Rock Boracay

Probably Boracay’s most photographed landmark and therefore one of the top Boracay Island attractions, the iconic Willy’s Rock is a volcanic rock formation that has small steps cut into it leading up to a shrine.  Set right at the end of White Beach at Station 1 – and named after the nearby Willy’s Beach Club Hotel – this rocky plateau stands in shallow water just off from the beach.

Best visited at low tide, the rock’s shape is often compared to a battleship, with the shrine as its mast.  Cameras at the ready as the darkening silhouette of the Rock is especially dramatic against the setting sun.

Address:Balabag Off White Beach, Malay, Aklan

Taste The Local Food

Breakfast on Boracay island

If the beaches of Boracay aren’t enough to entice you, the food will!  And there are some awesome options…

Diavolo’s brick oven pizzas are sure to be your kid’s favourite option!  Check out their Neapolitan pizza that’s slow-cooked with porchetta ham.  Or Aria Cucina Italiana Boracay is another awesome pizza choice – with organically grown salads accompanying their woodfire baked pizzas.

Santa Peligrosa was one of our favourites, with delicious Mexican food including their Carnitas Tacos and Burrito Mojado. It’s so good that we went back for lunch the next day!

The Sunny Side Cafe is a great pick for a brunch-style breakfast.  This all-day breakfast joint has all your kid’s favourite comfort foods, and specials such as the Boracay classic Chori Burgers, to delicious sarnies filled with bacon and mango.  You’ll be dragging the family away from here.

Looking for something healthier?  Checkout Nonie’s in the lanes of Station 2. There is delicious and healthy cuisine here, with local dishes such as Bistek Tagalog (beef steak Filipino style) and sweet Bao Buns.

Burger joint, Supermagic, is another top recommendation.  Umami Burgers to Shrimp Rolls, a wonderful menu!  Also, for a yummy bbq experience there’s Spicebird.  Island-famous Piri-Piri Chicken and Hotbird Chicken are for those that love to keep things spicy!

Lemon cafe and restaurant Boracay Island

And if you fancy something a little more fancy, try Lemon Cafe within D’Mall Plaza.  Gourmet food at budget-friendly prices, this is a great little find.  Vanilla French toast with mango slices, poached egg with smoked salmon… finger-licking good!

Moving along to Station 1, checkout BarLo Restaurant at Two Seasons Boracay.  Their famous Four-Cheese Pizza should keep the family happy, and perhaps try a side order of something more local such as Oyster Sisig (sizzling plate).  Delicious.

But if you’re just in the mood for a snack, well there’s another long list of options!  Start out at Halomango, at Station 2 of D’Mall.  The menu covers everything made from, er, mango!  Mango fruit bucket, mango bingsu, mango shakes, mango ice cream… you get the idea.

Jonah’s Fruit Shake & Snack Bar is perhaps one of the most famous eateries on the island – almost always jam-packed with tourists and locals.  Possibly it’s the freshness of the ingredients or the wide selection of fruit combinations that pulls people in… but whatever it is, it works!  Just don’t be surprised that your drink is rather sweet tasting, regardless of the flavour.

And let’s finish with Coco Mama.  Coconut ice cream with mango slices, served in an eco-friendly coconut shell.  Grab that, head to the beach for the sunset and fire-show… Classic Boracay!

Fun Boracay Water Activities

You can also find many more Boracay water activities here.

Go Parasailing

Boracay Island Parasailing

A really popular activity in Boracay and perhaps top of your adventure-loving teen’s Boracay-to-do-list, parasailing in Boracay is available from many beaches around the island, including White Beach.

Hook into your seat and watch as the colourful parachute opens behind you and slowly – surprisingly gracefully – pulls you back and upwards into the sky.  And once you’re over the initial thrill of being so high, enjoy the epic views of beautiful Boracay.

Click here for more details on parasailing on Boracay.

Enjoy A Banana Boat Ride

Banana Boat in White Beach Boracay

So what’s next to tell you about on my Boracay guide activities family list?  Aha, let’s hit the water again and ride the bouncy banana!  Hold on tight as you’re pulled on top of the clear water, on what my kids thought was one of the best Boracay Philippines activities.  And, of course, prepare to get wet as half the fun is tumbling off the inflatable!

We all rode this multiple times during our stay as it was one of the cheap Boracay activities we could all enjoy as a family.

Click here to book a banana boat ride now.

See Underwater Wonders While Snorkeling And Scuba Diving

Scuba diving in Boracay Island

Boracay underwater activities are centred on snorkelling and scuba diving, with our family all being avid snorkelling fans.

Snorkelling should be one of your Boracay top things to do. In fact, we built our Boracay trip itinerary to include all the main destinations.  First off, pick up a mask and snorkel from any of the dive shops – usually rented for as little as 5USD a day.  So this covers you if you’re wondering what to do in Boracay on a budget!

Crocodile Island was probably the best spot we found and is incorporated in most island-hopping trips (like this one).  It can get a little busy but include a visit here in your Boracay top 10 things to do as you won’t be disappointed!

Angelfish, banded sea snakes, cornet fish and moray eels can be found amongst rather beautiful corals.  …and no, we didn’t spot any crocodiles!

Balinghai Cove was another favourite point of ours.  Again you’ll find a healthy reef with varied marine life, including small sea life such as anemones and sea urchins.  And check out Angel Point too, full of sea cucumbers and starfish – a firm favourite for our kids.

Coral Reefs in Boracay As seen From Above

One of the most popular Boracay Philippines things to do is scuba diving.  Though we didn’t partake, we saw the dive boats coming and going, and heard some glowing reports from divers we met over dinner.  Firstly, though you wouldn’t expect it, diving is yet another activity to add to the long list of things to do in Boracay on a budget!  At only 40USD per dive, this is incredibly cheap by global standards.

And you’re in for a treat of dive sites:

  • You’ll find 25 dive sites around the island, all accessible by a short boat ride, meaning multiple dives within a day is easily possible.
  • There are shallow dive spots, ideal for beginners, with colourful reef life and corals where turtles join you on your reef exploration.
  • More challenging dive sites – such as Yapak and Camia – take you deeper.  In the stronger currents you’ll hope to see pelagic fishes such as barracudas, trevallies and even whitetip and blacktip reef sharks.
  • And for those interested in macro photography, check out Crocodile Island and Laurel Island, where you should find tiny critters such as nudibranchs, pipefishes and brilliant corals.

One of the top activities in Boracay, diving can be enjoyed all day and even at night directly from the beach!

For adults, click here to book a dive now for experienced divers or here for beginner divers.

Kids can find a diving class here.

Learn Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP)

Stand up Paddleboarding

Currently one of the most popular Boracay activities, 2024, all our family had a go at SUP.  And it’s fair to say that the kids were much better than the adults!

You’ll find operators at White Beach all day long offering to rent out SUPs (add this to your list of Boracay cheap activities), but we found the best time to try was early morning before breakfast or late in the afternoon, just before the glorious sunset.

You can stand, sit, lie down (or fall off, as I was more prone to do!) on the SUP.  The local instructor will help you with a few pointers or just leave you alone to have fun.  And this is where the wonderful shallow shoreline of Boracay comes into play – making you appreciate how the island is so perfect for watersports.

Stand up, fall in, stand up and try again… all great family fun!

Paraw Sunset Cruise

Paraw Sunset Cruise

Still wondering what to do in Boracay Island?  Well, I’ve saved one of the best activities in Boracay 2024 until almost last…
Paraw is the Cebuano word for a boat with two outriggers, and in Boracay the paraws feature a large crab-claw sail and a smaller triangle-shaped foresail.  At the end of the afternoon, with a maximum of 4 or 8 passengers per paraw, all the boats start out together from one end of White Beach.

Paraws, with colourful sails, gilde into the Visayan Sea, and take their front row seats for the coming sunset.

For those left behind on the beach, the beauty of the tens or hundreds (yes) of paraws only adds to the epic sunset views.

And if you’re looking for what to do in Boracay for couples – taking a cheeky hour away from the kids – well, I don’t think there’s anything more romantic than hiring a private paraw.

Bob up and down on the calm ocean, listening to the creaking of the bamboo boat and the wind in the sails.  Relax and take in the stunning island views as you glide along Boracay’s white-sand coast.  Epic.

I think this is where I really fell for the charms of Boracay!

Click here to book a sunset cruise now.

Try Kite Surfing and MORE!

Kite Surfing in Boracay Island

There are so many things to do Boracay Island and places to visit in Boracay Island.  Plan out your Boracay itinerary guide carefully as some you can tie-in together to save time and budget.  For example, discover Boracay’s many beaches and coves by glass bottom boat ride, head out further to nearby islands by catamaran or speed boat, or rent a jet ski for the morning and self-discover snorkelling points.

You’ll find many tour companies advertising different Boracay attractions, activities, such as wakeboarding and kite-surfing – both fantastic for your kids.

For sure, you’ll never be stuck wondering in Boracay, what to do in 2024!

Top Things To Do On Boracay Island Map

Click the Map to open in Google Maps. You can then access directions to each of the locations discussed in this article

Best Place To Stay In Boracay

Now you’ve compiled your Boracay itinerary 2024, it’s time to figure out where to stay!  With such vast amounts of accommodation options – for such a small island – consider your Boracay places of interest and – budget dependent – perhaps look initially at hotels nearest to those.

Remember to keep in mind that it can get particularly busy around Station 2, but we found it an ideal base for our family trip as it’s so near to all the fun of D’Mall and ideal for beach activities.

Below we’ve recommended a hotel that falls into the expensive, mid-priced and budget ranges, which might help you make a start.

BEST – Movenpick Resort & Spa Boracay Review

Our pick of family luxury hotels at Boracay, the Movenpick Resort & Spa features a stunning private beach at Punta Bunga, at the northern tip of the island.

Fully beach-facing, the resort offers 312 rooms of various sizes that all include flat screen tvs, air-conditioning, minibars, personal safety box and tea/coffee making facilities.  Rooms come with a spacious ensuite bathroom, and there’s complimentary WiFi throughout the resort.

The private and – in contrast to White Beach – quiet beach, is the highlight of your stay though the kids will probably spend all their time at the huge, multi-level swimming pool.  There’s a wide selection of in-house restaurants – making it possible to dine at the hotel across your stay.  A luxurious spa, a modern fitness centre and even a Kid’s Club and playground.

Everything is thoughtfully covered to make your stay that little more enjoyable, including airport and boat transfers, massage service, and complimentary pressing of clothes.

If you don’t mind being a little distance from the main hub of White Beach, Movenpick Resort & Spa is our winner of Boracay places to go and stay.

Click here for the latest prices.

MID-RANGE – Holiday Resort Boracay Review

When considering what to do at Boracay, you’ll find a lot of the land activities in Boracay can be enjoyed around Station 2.  Thus consider staying at longtime favourite, Holiday Resort Boracay.

This 3-star hotel is a well-known family favourite, opening directly onto scenic White Beach.  A laid back hotel, with friendly staff and a pool – set inside the hotel’s grounds away from the beach – ideal for young or teen-aged children.

Rooms come equipped with cable television, air-conditioning and mini-fridges.  The deluxe rooms have a king and single bed, and there’s still space for a fold away if needed.  Some rooms come with terraces and balconies with pool views – be sure to enquire at time of reservation.

Suites have living areas and pull-out sofas, whilst upgraded suites have kitchenettes and dining areas making it a real home-away-from-home setup.

A complimentary buffet breakfast (which can become repetitive) is served at the front of the hotel where if you’re early you can grab a table with ocean views.  And from late afternoon bean bags are available to lounge in, whilst you relax with a cocktail or shake, watching the passing tourists stride along White Beach.

There’s a small fitness centre and a helpful Concierge desk that can assist with arranging island tours, snorkel equipment and beach towels.  The hotel also offers contactless check-in/out, 24 hour front desk, safety deposit boxes, luggage storage, shuttle services, and airport transfers.

We stayed here and found that the location was ideal for D’Mall and all the activities we enjoyed.

Click here for the latest prices.

BUDGET – Shore Time Hotel Annex Review

After you’ve read our long list of what to do in Boracay 2024, you might reach the conclusion that your family will be spending most of the day and evening out of the hotel!  So consider our budget option of Shore Time Hotel Annex and save your funds for what to do on Boracay Island.

Less than 3 minutes walk from White Beach (midway between Station 1 and 2) and to D’Mall, the hotel is right in the heart of Boracay.

12 rooms across 3 floors are fitted with air-conditioning, flat screen TV and a small seating area.  Hot showers and free toiletries can be found in the ensuite bathrooms.  Bedding is simple, either a standard double with large double bed or standard twin with 2 single beds, ideal for the children.

A 24-hour front desk helps you find your way around the village or assists in booking island tours.  Luggage storage is offered and a chargeable laundry service too.

There’s no inhouse restaurant but you have the myriad of D’Mall restaurants almost on your doorstep.

Click here to see all our recommendations for the best hotel in Boracay Island.

Click here for the latest prices.

How To Get To Boracay

Manoc-manoc, Boracay

It’s easy to get to Boracay by bus, plane, ferry or car, although everyone will need to take a boat across from Caticlan.

The best way to get to Boracay is by taking a flight from Manila or Cebu to Caticlan. This option is the fastest and most convenient. Caticlan Airport is the closest airport to Boracay. From the airport, you can ride a tricycle or van to the Caticlan Jetty. At the jetty, you can rent small boats (bangka) that will take you directly to the island.

Note that Caticlan Airport is now often called Boracay Airport. This is exactly the same airport. There is no airport on Boracay itself and this is the closest airport to the island.

If you need to take a bus to Caticlan, click here for the latest timetables and bus prices.

To see all the latest flights and prices, click here.

Or click here to see all the latest ferry ticket prices and schedules.

Read our full guide to exactly how to get to Boracay here.

Final Words

There are several versions of how Boracay came to be named.  The one that sticks out is how a local tribe – the Ati – referred to bubbles as bora and white as bocay… being amazed at the resemblance of the clear white sand to water bubbles the name stuck and is a fair description of this stunning beach.

Research before you arrive (check out some of the best Boracay activities blog) to identify the best Boracay Island activities, perhaps make your own family ‘to-do-list in Boracay’ and note down your favourite places of interest in Boracay.

Whatever brings you to the island – epic watersports, family hotels, great dining options, the numerous Boracay budget activities or simply to view what is regularly referred to as one of the world’s most spectacular beaches… you and your family are guaranteed to have great fun!

Read our list of all the best Boracay hotels for family and find more Boracay Island guides here.

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By Julia Rolph

Julia first discovered the Philippines in 2011, eventually settling in beautiful Bantayan Island, Cebu, with her daughter and Filipino partner.  The family spend every vacation exploring the Philippines, and Julia enjoys helping others discover this wonderful destination. When she's not sharing her vast Philippines knowledge here, she works as a travel planner planning trips for people who want to visit the Philippines